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                                     Boat of Knowledge in Science Classroom (BooKS, added 7-1-2020)


                                     An Integrated Model for Sediment Load Estimation (Added 6-1-2018)


                                     Investigation of Erosion Hotspots for Watershed (Added 3-1-2016)


 Introduction of VBEE (Added 8-1-15)


                                     FishKill and Water Quality (Added 8-1-15)


                                     Workshop at Tsinghua University China (Added 1-31-14)


                                     Development of Erosion Hotspots (Added 12-31-13)


                                     ORBCRE 2012 Symposium (Added 12-17-12)


                           The NSF BooKS Project Video (Added 10-17-11)


                                     TSS Results from On-boat Samplings of the BooKS Project  (Added 11-19-10)


                           WQI Results from On-boat Samplings of the BooKS Project (Added 11-19-10)


                                     The 2010 Summer Workshop for the BooKS Project  (Added 9-2-10)


                                     Are You Interested in the  NSF GK-12 Project: BooKS 2010-15  (Added 4-3-10)


                                     Ohio River Consortium Scientific Symposium 2009  (Added 1-13-09)

 U. S. EPA’s P3 Award – People, Prosperity and the Planet  (Added 12-13-08)

 Drought Forum 2006 - Taiwan and Wetland  Forum 2006 - Taiwan

 An Environmental Educational Project Using Computer Games  (Added 5-17-06)

 Ohio River Consortium Scientific Symposium 2006  (Added 2-13-06)

 Little Leading Creek Sediment Study  (Added 3-17-05)

 Risk Assessment for Highway Culverts  (Added 03-01-03)

 Bankfull Geometry Study   (finished 6-30-04)

         Report & Field Work

 Wetlands & Dredging Material Disposal   (Added 02-07-02)

 Soil Erosion & Reservoir Sediment   (Updated 02-07-01)

 HEC-RAS & GIS Study   (Updated 12-07-01)

 Zebra Mussel Study   (Updated 02-07-01)

 Creating Your Own Web Page? - Then Click Here   (Added 07-18-97)


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